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Posted by: mark On: June 22-Jun-13

Just a few things about me you might not know.

Mostly about how I came to build web sites.

I have always wanted to know how everything works, some of my earliest memories are of taking apart everything not nailed down, and some that were, then reassembling it.

I started bringing junk home at a very early age, had to figure out what was wrong with it and maybe fix it or use it for something else.

I have been in construction (building things) since I was big enough to swing a hammer, I just love to build and fix anything, so when my brother upgraded his PC he gave the old one to me and I had no idea how to use it but curiosity kicked in as usual and I started tinkering and it's been down hill ever since I fried a video card and PCI slot in that mother board.

Started working on the repair of PCs in all forms, hardware problems, software snafus and then it was off to do web sites.

Well, after hand coding them in notepad I got tired of having to change the menu structure by hand on all those pages so I looked and found that you could do it with a software system on the server, Content Management System, I started checking out a lot of CMSs', none were setup in the way I was used to with flat files, till I found CMS Made Simple in March of 2006 and I would never use another, they just don't stack up.

The ease of installation, intuitive admin interface, a great variety of modules, I especially like the way the template and style sheets are set up, and a great forum for support.

I found a lot of answers on the forum when I first started out and soon found a few questions I could answer and have been trying to give back to the community ever since.

I specialize in getting templates, style sheets/CSS working in CMSMS.
I can take any image or existing template and get it to work, sorry but I haven't found one yet that I couldn't do.
Bring it on.
I have extensive knowledge of the menu manager which allows me to get some interesting results.