We at Multiintech (Multiple Integrated Technologies)

Love what we do

My name is Mark Reed, some call me Dr.CSS. I'm very lucky to truly love what I do and I like to surround myself with other like minded individuals.
We mainly build web site templates from images, PNG, JPG, etc., PSD or Fireworks PNG files. We also help with modules, installation, configuration of templates, styled just the way you like

Try and be as clear and concise as possible

We will take your ideas and explain to you in a way that shows how we can achieve those goals with out talking down to you.
Sometimes we may have to tell you it may not work that way but still show you an alternative that may even give you more functionality in the process.

Exceed our clients expectations

We strive to deliver projects in a timely fashion, fully functional. You should be able to start using your site the day we turn it over to you.
At that time we would have walked you through the process of signing in, adding pages, using your other modules, so you can have complete control of your site and it's content.
We're here to help you get answers to any questions you might have

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