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My name is Mark Reed, some call me Dr.CSS. I'm very lucky to truly love what I do and I like to surround myself with other like minded individuals.

I mainly build web site templates from images, PNG, JPG, etc., PSD or Fireworks PNG files. I also help with modules, installation, configuration of templates, styled just the way you like.

I've been working on sites for about for about twenty years after I found out about computers.

About this Template

I spent some time Learning CSS 3 and responsiveness then converted my old site from all images and non responsive and this is the result it is kind of dark so I finally found a not so dark one which you are seeing now.

There is only using one image, the logo, of course if you use an older version of IE then it won't look like it should. It is also mobile friendly which all my websites are now a days, including the ones I make for others

Posted by: mark   On: June 22-Jun-13

Just a few things about me you might not know.

Mostly about how I came to build web sites.

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About Me

I've been building things since I was old enough to borrow my neighbors hammer, wrenches screwdrivers, importunately I might have forgot where I left them and he may has lost some due to my immaturity. I brought home bikes I found in the trash, took them apart because my biggest thing was to figure out how things work, then put them back together, upside down one time with a seat 5 feet off the ground.

Gallery of templates I converted to CMSMS

These are some themes that I found on the innerwebs and converted to be used with CMSMS and some designs I thought up, some I used a JAVA script to make rounded corners before the advent of CSS3 back when everyone thought rounded corners were the greatest thing, not so much these days as the craze seems to had past and most are just looking for clean lines in their sites like this template.

They have links to my Themes site to get a look at them in all their glory... FUN!

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542 Raymond Dr.
Sierra Vista AZ. 85635-1149

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