Natural Research and Healing Arts

This practice was founded and registered in January, 1980, by Stefan Brink at a time when alternative medicine was considered a “fringe” element, pursued by “health nuts” or people seeking to be different on principle. Much has changed in the last 25 years. Now referred to as Integrative Medicine, many people are interested in seeking out gentle means first before relying on more dramatic approaches, i.e., use of prescription medications, surgical procedures, and other types of “big gun medicine.”

In an attempt to rally the balance and integrity of the natural immune system, we’ve helped many people avoid or mitigate the undesirable side effects of conventional medicine. At the same time, we recognize the importance of working together as a team—whatever protocol you are engaged in. We are not invested in making our approach the only approach taken, but rather to complement what makes the most sensible approach, given someone’s individual circumstance. All factors are considered and a comprehensive protocol is created. We get great results by integrating dietary principles, natural herbal medicines, homeopathics, depth psychology, structural integration therapies, acupuncture, and other energy-based modalities and detox/cleansing treatments.

If one distilled all we create and generate in this practice, it would come down to two processes: flow and transformation. Flow to re-establish movement of energy through physical, emotional, and psych-spiritual aspects of your being; transformation to facilitate unimpeded development along your individual path.

At Natural Research and Healing Arts, we believe it is your birthright to enjoy radiant health and happiness and we support you in achieving just that. We believe everything changes. We believe in helping you create homeostasis—the normal level of function of any organ or organ system. We believe it is the health practitioner’s job is to educate the patient while God and nature does the healing.